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assertive communication skills workshop

(DBT Interpersonal Effectiveness Module)

Begins Tuesday, February 20th!
Call 503-875-5011 or email: [email protected] to sign up!
TUESDAYS 6:30pm-8:00PM
Meets weekly for 6 weeks.
Summary of group:   
Under the guidance of a Licensed Therapist, you will learn the basic skills needed to:
· Reduce your anxiety symptoms when faced with an interpersonal conflict
· Reduce intense emotional reactions in others when expressing opposition
· Identify your communication style and how it impacts your relationships
· Identify what you truly want and need from others
· Stay mindful of your objectives during a conflict
· Effectively express your true feelings and opinions to others
· Ask for what you want/need in your relationships
· Say, “no”, and set boundaries with others

Group Outline:
Week 1: Overview. Group Goals. Introduction to Communication Styles
Week 2: Skills to reduce emotional reactions in others when expressing opposition (Active Listening Skills)
Week 3: Identifying your objectives before you confront
Week 4: How to say it: A script for effective communication
Week 5: Validation, Broken Record, Turn the tables and other skills that help you get what you want in a conflict
Week 6: In group practice. Review.

Most private insurance is accepted (please contact your insurance provider to confirm coverage and co-pays)

Out of pocket:
Pay in advance discount: $145 for six sessions (or $24.16 per group)
Pay per group fee: $65 per session

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Questions? Call or text: 503-875-5011
email: [email protected]