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Make a secure payment for any amount with your credit or debit card by clicking here:

You may use the client portal to pay your most recent statement balance by clicking:

Helpful hints:
1) Have your debit or credit card ready before clicking "pay now"
2) On the "Purchase Details" page enter the following:
          Description: This field is optional. You may enter whatever you want for your records, or just leave it blank
          Price per item: Enter the amount of your payment 
3) From the PayPal login screen: 
          Click on the, "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" button at the bottom of the page
4) From the PayPal checkout screen:
          Confirm that the total payment amount listed at the top of the screen is correct before entering your card information
5) If your payment was successful, you will be directed to a screen that states, "Thank you for your payment!"

Go to Client Portal
If you encounter any problems making your payment, please contact Acuity Mental Health at 503-875-5011